ETRM Systems is a service provider company that specializes in delivering solution based consulting services in the energy domain related to power, gas, and crude oil trading, risk management, settlement and accounting along with power generation and physical gas optimization.

ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management) Systems offers system solution based services that consist of helping energy companies manage trading and monitor risk from the pre-trading phase to the financial settlement phase to the production optimization phase of your assets portfolio.

As the market variables change frequently, energy companies will have to adopt new trading strategies, review or change their risk management policies and energy production optimization methodologies. ETRM Systems will help:

  • Support your commercial business strategies with automated trading solutions that are aligned with your business processes.
  • Support your market and credit risk management business strategies with automated risk management solutions that are aligned with your risk control oversight processes.
  • Support your system performance targets with system specific expertise.
  • Assist you in selecting the appropriate trading, risk management and compliance solutions to fit your need.
  • Provide you with business functional and IT operational expertise for several trading, risk management and optimization systems.
  • Help you keep up with market dynamics by developing or enhancing your reporting capabilities for your production optimization strategy, real-time position and PnL management, real-time credit exposure monitoring, settlement risk, FASB/IFRS accounting modules and CFTC/EMIR compliance reporting requirements.