ETRM Systems selected by Horizon Trades Technologies for its global multi-commodity trading platform

Houston, Texas – February 01, 2015 – ETRM Systems, the global service provider in energy and commodity trading and risk management solutions, has announced that Horizon Trades Technologies has selected ETRM Systems along with other leaders in the industry to develop its global multi-commodity trading platform.

Horizon Trades is a startup global commodity trading platform that focuses on trading in global physical spot markets. Horizon Trades aims to become a global leader in market exchanges of agricultural, metal and energy commodities.

The expertise in multi-commodity trading systems and the in-depth knowledge of global commodity exchanges that ETRM Systems and other partners have demonstrated will allow Horizon Trades to develop a state-of-the-art, cloud-based and global trading platform. As a result, Horizon Trades will acquire an integrated straight-through trading platform with high speed performance and robust data integrity.

Hicham Daghri, Managing Director of ETRM Systems, said: “We are extremely delighted to be chosen not only as one of the solution architects and developers of the Horizon Trades platform but we are also delighted to be the long term investor in this exciting startup. Horizon Trades stakeholders will be extremely pleased by our ability to deliver beyond expectations in relation to speedy completion, high availability and high usability of the platform. Our ability to develop the Horizon Trades platform on time and on budget will allow its clients to quickly take advantage of the global spot market opportunities.”