ETRM Systems' Services ETRM Systems can help you in the following areas:

  • ETRM, Credit Risk and Production Optimization Implementations.
  • Merger and acquisitions involving ETRM, Credit Risk and Production Forecasts.
  • System Integrations involving ETRM, Credit Risk and Production Optimization.
  • Architecture Design and Software Development for the Energy and Commodities Industries.
  • Business Analysis in the Energy and Commodities Industries.
  • Project Management related to energy and commodities system implementations and integrations along with software development initiatives.


We have learned from our implementation experiences that a successful ETRM implementation revolves around specifying and understanding clearly from the stakeholders the critical deliverables, risk identification and risk mitigation plans.

Systems functionality:

Through our in-depth hands on experiences with several ETRM, Credit Risk, Analytics, Accounting and optimization systems we have exceled in our ability to map accurately system functionalities to requirements and have also exceled in our gap analysis documentation. These analysis deliverables resulted in our clients minimizing the efforts related to manual processes and protected the data integrity in the ETRM and CRM systems.

Systems Integration:

Poor system integration planning can result in redundancy and weak data integrity. This results in expensive licensing, unnecessary interface development and high cost of support and maintenance post the implementation phase. We use our expertise to steer our clients in the right direction by planning an overall system architecture that includes all of the applications impacted by the implementation. We believe in being proactive and not reactive.   


We have also learned to expedite the implementation project timeline by generating and performing business relevant and critical technical test scenarios, test cases and running systems in parallel UAT mode. Below are some other KPIs used to measure the value of an ETRM implementation:

  • Implementing a highly secure, highly reliable data and a highly available ETRM system.
  • Achieve on-time and on-budget completion through proper project management.
  • Implement a solution that supports current markets requirements.

Three Cs of success: Confidence, Collaboration and Cooperation:
From our past experiences, we are certain that successful implementations are the result of confidence in the team’s capabilities, collaborative attitude and cooperative efforts among the project stakeholders, program and project managers, system vendors and owners of deliverables. As such, we ensure that the mentioned three Cs of success are present throughout the implementation project.


Merger and acquisitions:

ETRM Systems can help your senior management obtain critical business data related to pending acquisitions by engaging us in your pre-close Clean Team. Our engagement will include the gathering of proprietary commercial and operational data and keeping it confidential until complete closure of the merger and acquisition.

Below is a sample list of activities we can perform as part of the M&A initiative:

  1. Plant characteristics collection, interfacing and modelling of the acquired entity’s assets.
  2. Compare plant modeling methodology between the acquired entity and the acquirer entity.
  3. Document and explain the variances of the modeling assumptions by time horizon and volume.
  4. Migrate Trades from one ETRM system to another.
  5. Capture, Review and migrate all commercial agreements and confirmations.
  6. Reconcile trades attributes, volumes, and valuations.
  7. Develop, Reconcile Positions, P/L and MTM as part of the daily risk reporting business process.  
  8. Migrate or consolidate counterparties, agreements, CSAs, Margining agreements, margining thresholds, IAs, MTAs, rounding rules, LCs, PCGs, Cash collateral and other credit related attributes.
  9. Identify derivative designations for G/L accounting purposes.
  10. Manage the access control and visibility until the closure of the merger or acquisition.

System Integration:

Whether you have acquired an ETRM or Credit Risk System or Asset Optimization System or a Shadow Settlement System, ETRM Systems will interface the newly acquired system with the existing systems landscape by using successful system integration expertise.  

Our successful system integration expertise is based on the following strengths:

  1. We understand the business meaning of the data to be integrated.
  2. We know the API capabilities of most systems in the industry.
  3. We have designed, mapped and developed several interfaces using multiple technologies including: WebMethods, BizTalk, IBM MQ, SAP-PI-XI, Web Services or SSIS. 

Architecture and Strategy

At ETRM Systems, we see the business architecture planning and strategy as the backbone for a sound and robust enterprise system architecture model. Based on our experience, we offer the following services:

  1. Document and describe the baseline business architecture.
  2. Develop a target business architecture by mapping the baseline system architecture to business processes, functions and strategies of your organization.
  3. Develop gap analysis between the baseline and target business architecture plans.
  4. Identify inefficiencies in the system architecture plan and optimize the system architecture landscape to support your organization business architecture in an efficient and cost effective manner.
  5. Business architecture plans are developed across organization’s functions: Front, Middle and Back Office.

Please contact us for more details about our service architecture offerings.

Business Analysis

We offer detailed business requirements gathering expertise.

Business Requirements

Our thorough business analysis experience in the arena of power, gas, oil and other commodity markets enables us to develop thorough functional and non-functional requirements. Our strong experience working in the functional process of the front, middle and back office combined with our strong knowledge of several ETRM, Credit risk and optimization systems allow us to generate applicable and practical business requirements that are tailored for both business and technical audiences. Our industry’s knowledge is a valuable asset that ensures traceability, dependency awareness and scope alignment.
We offer to our clients these important deliverables for each ETRM project requiring business analysis:

  1. Documentation of the “As Is” functionality and processes in contrast to the “To Be” functionality and processes taking into account the business and IT corporate strategies and policies.
  2. Cost vs. Benefits analysis of the desired business requirement.
  3. Developing prototypes, system configurations and demonstrations as part of an agile business requirement gathering methodology. 
  4. Recommendations and risk mitigation proposals based on best practices and prior experiences.

Technical Specifications

Our system architecture, software development, system integration and infrastructure administration expertise combined with our energy industry experience puts us in a privileged position to provide detailed and relevant technical requirement specifications.
Below is some of the technical specifications we can offer:

  1. Define Lay out of infrastructure environment impacted by the business requirements.
  2. Define Architecture of systems landscape impacted by the business requirements.
  3. Define Interfaces and designs of system landscape along with the mapping of data, attributes and elements impacted by the business requirements.
  4. Generate Database models and designs impacted by the business requirements.
  5. Generate Database dictionary definitions impacted by the business requirements.

Project Management

ETRM Systems through its multiple ETRM implementations experience is well positioned to adequately manage the whole process of the system implementation. From planning to estimating and allocating project resources to budgeting to project risk identification and mitigation to managing stakeholders’ expectations, we at ETRM Systems provide unique leadership skills to bridge both the technical and business aspects of the project to deliver beyond expectations.

Our Project Management Approach:

We manage the stakeholders’ expectations by communicating effectively the project scope and by benchmarking milestones and issues in the project to the high level business objectives.

Our rich portfolio of implementation experiences gives us the ability to develop robust risk assessment and risk mitigation plans before and during the project.

We qualify thoroughly the test planning along with test cases and test scenarios by fully engaging business owners, vendors, integrators and business analysts in the process.

We are continuously involved in the project deliverables status to measure progress in relation to milestones.

We see the post implementation or support phase as an important criteria of the project success. As such, we lead the support planning effort by committing support specialists, system vendors, and integrators.